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Multiple Sclerosis

Neurological Physiotherapy

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, inflammatory condition that affects your brain and spinal cord of the Central Nervous System (CNS). In MS, the coating that protects your nerves, called myelin is damaged.

There are 3 types of MS

Relapsing Remitting MS (the most common)

In relapsing MS, you have distinct attacks of symptoms which either partially or completely resolve. You may have symptoms you’ve had before might come back, or you might get new symptoms.

Secondary Progressive (SPSM)

Secondary progressive MS is a stage of MS which comes after relapsing remitting MS for many people. This type of MS is characterized by less inflammatory activity in the CNS, but symptoms can steadily get worse. Progression of symptoms and disability is highly variable.

Primary Progressive

The first (primary) symptoms are progressive, so your symptoms gradually get worse over time, rather than appearing as sudden relapses.


There are a huge range of symptoms including vision disturbance, difficulty walking and moving as well as symptoms that affect your mood and thinking. Fatigue is often a major limitation for people, even in those people with only mild physical disability.

Our Neurological Physiotherapists will combine movement based training to maintain and learn new ways to move that can help with walking, balance and other important movements. Whenever possible we compliment this training with home exercises that build progressive strength and cardiovascular fitness. Much of our research at ANR has examined the important links between fatigue, balance and walking, and to find ways to best design long term exercise strategies to stay as active and mobile as possible.
We understand the benefits of working with Neurological Physiotherapists who are familiar with the overall management of Multiple Sclerosis and the best ways to stay as healthy as possible.

Our new Multiple Sclerosis FightBack programs is an addition to our comprehensive service that combines movement based training, especially for gait & balance, progressive strengthening and cardiovascular fitness. While we know that these programs are good for your health, their aim is also to improve confidence and quality of life.

We have extensive experience in treatment, education and research regarding neurological rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis.  ANR staff have been closely involved with the MS Society of SA & NT since 1998, when our Director James McLoughlin worked there for many years as Senior Physiotherapist. We also have worked in research and teaching programs with Flinders University, Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia and Neuroscience Research Australia (Sydney) with important research regarding balance, mobility, fatigue and falls risk in people with MS.


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