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Cerebral Palsy

Neurological Physiotherapy

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP)is a birth related non-progressive movement based disorder. The type of motor disorders that a person with CP will have, are dependent on the areas of the brain that are affected. The four main types are:

  • Spastic: Most common type. The muscles are stiff and tight and can be difficult to move.
  • Athetoid/Diskinetic: This type is characterised by involuntary muscle movements.
  • Ataxic: The characteristics of this type are shaky movements, balance impairments and spatial awareness difficulties.
  • Mixed: A combination of the above types.

The areas that are affected also vary between people, with some people presenting with:

  • Hemiplegia (one arm, one leg on the same side)
  • Quadriplegia (two arms and two legs)
  • Diplegia (both legs, with or without arm impairments).

At Advanced Neuro Rehab, we use a variety of treatment approaches to manage Cerebral Palsy disorders. Movement based training techniques are used to facilitate muscle range to ease tightness and challenge movement patterns, such as those in walking. Progressive strengthening exercises can also be beneficial in the management of Cerebral Palsy. Progressive strengthening exercises can be used to reduce the effects of tight muscles, thereby assisting with posture and pain relief, as well as developing stability for sitting posture or movement. Additionally, balance training exercises can further support stability in standing and when transitioning between walking aids.

Our experienced team can also assist with any other needs that may arise from Cerebral Palsy, such as providing recommendations, reports, transfer training and advice. The unfortunate reality is that many people with Cerebral Palsy miss the ongoing structured rehabilitation support they received throughout their childhood years, due to limited community rehabilitation options for those over 18 years of age. We enjoy advising and supporting adults with Cerebral Palsy to ensure they remain as active as possible.


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