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Neurological Physiotherapy


Following a stroke it is common to have difficulties with walking, using your arm and hand or may also experience shoulder pain. Our experienced neurological physiotherapists can help with specific hands on treatments, exercise prescription and advice on how to maximise your recovery and get you back doing activities that are important to you. Our movement based training  approach is specific to your needs so we prioritise which aspects of training and exercise need the most intense work.

We appreciate the importance of specialist rehabilitation with a focus on important developments in neuroplasticity, recovery and long-term management of people who have survived a stroke. We design specific treatment plans for upper limb, hand, balance, walking and fitness programs for people with stroke. We provide a proactive approach that allows people with stroke to reach their full potential.

ANR has always had a strong interest in stroke rehabilitation. Our Director James McLoughlin has been teaching Stroke Rehabilitation since 2006, teaching qualified allied health professionals about the latest developments in treatment and research. ANR physiotherapists incorporate the best available evidence into their treatments, which includes the option of intensive bouts of movement based training.  This is a great way to make gains and improve function of your upper limb and hand or improve your mobility with specific gait retraining.

We also offer cardiovascular fitness and progressive strengthening programs which are vital for secondary prevention of stroke, overall health and quality of life. It is important to stay as physically active as possible, however we understand the challenges that people face after a stroke including poor mobility, pain, spasticity and reduced confidence.


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