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Neurological Physiotherapy


Migraine is a common brain disorder, that can lead to episodic symptoms, the most common is headaches. However, migraine does not always cause headache, with some rare forms of migraine leading to dizziness. Other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and light and noise sensitivity are common. We feel it is important to determine the many factors that can contribute to episodic symptoms, and will often liaise closely with your doctor or specialist. Reduced neck and head control, motion sensitivity, visual dependence can all respond to careful physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation, while education about the brain and sensory processing can assist you identify your triggers and assist to you self-manage your migraine over time.

Neck pain is common in migraine sufferers, and in many instances the neck contributes to symptoms. We know that many people respond well to both manual therapy and specific exercises for the neck muscles and joints. This can provide relief and help you manage your headache and neck pain more effectively.

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