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Your First Visit

What to expect

Your first visit at Advanced Neuro Rehab is all about getting to know YOU.
As your physiotherapist, we don’t just want to “fix” any physical issues you may be experiencing, we also want to know what these are preventing you from doing, whether it be: general mobility, work, exercise, or everyday activities. Based on this, you’ll discuss and set some goals specific to you.

Your physiotherapist will carry out the relevant assessments to help further understand your condition, and work with you to develop a management plan. This will involve discussion of: the number of treatment sessions required, what type of physiotherapy treatment is best, and if further referral is required.

Depending on your condition, your physiotherapist may provide some hands-on therapy, give you some information, teach you some exercises or all of these.

The first session is also a time to ask any questions you have about your condition, so please, ask away! A good tip is to make a list of questions you want to ask and bring these to your first appointment. If you have a referral letter, please bring it with you, or even better send it to use before your appointment.

Our FAQs page also provides useful information about funding, payments and all of the services available at Advanced Neuro Rehab.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.


What is NeuroPhysiotherapy?

World Physiotherapy (Formerly The World Confederation for Physical Therapy) and the Australian Physiotherapy Association recognise Neurology and Neuroscience as a special subgroup of physiotherapy. Neurological Physiotherapy or ‘NeuroPhysiotherapy’ consists of rehabilitation interventions aimed at improving the physical aspects of neurological and neuromuscular disorders. NeuroPhysiotherapy is an exciting area of rehabilitation that merges key discoveries in neuroscience, exercise and movement science.

The key advantages of consulting with a neurological physiotherapist is that we work in this area on a daily basis and have a strong interest and extra training in helping people with these conditions. Advanced Neuro Rehab are leaders in this field, providing specific services, formal education and training for health professionals and engaging in clinical research and advocacy for our patients.


Do I need treatment?

Rehabilitation is all about reaching your potential to maximise participation in life. The world health organisation defines rehabilitation as ‘a process aimed at enabling them to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functional levels. Rehabilitation provides disabled people with the tools they need to attain independence and self-determination.’

Everyone has a different situation, so neurological physiotherapy treatment will depend on everyone’s preferences and each individual’s goals and needs. Your treatment will based on the latest evidence and may involve:

  • Education & advice about symptomatic management
  • Balance & mobility exercises
  • Specific treatments for dizziness/vertigo
  • Movement Based Training for learning & reinforcing new movements
  • Exercises that aim to improve balance, walking ability & confidence
  • Exercises that aim to improve upper limb and hand function
  • Exercises & treatment sessions that aim to increase body awareness & skilled movement control
  • Fatigue Management
  • Migraine Management
  • Individualised Fitness and strengthening programmes
  • Managing Spasticity, spasms and muscle tension
  • Pain management – particularly headaches, neck pain, low back and shoulder pain.
  • Management of osteoarthritis, tendinopathy & other painful musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Advice, support & advocacy to help you access the best available care



  • Individual Physiotherapy Sessions in the Clinic
  • Individual Physiotherapy Sessions in your home
  • Group Exercise
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Telehealth



COVID-19 continues to impact both our personal and professional lives, despite many restrictions and guidelines easing. We will continue to maintain our high standards and precautions to stop the spread and protect your safety, other and the safety of our staff.

How you can help to stop the spread.

  • Contact us to reschedule your appointment, as soon as possible, if you’re experiencing any COVID or cold symptoms. Let us know if you have been travelling and are required to isolate.
  • Please only bring 1 additional support person with you to your appointment, so we can meet physical distancing requirements.
  • If you are attending one of our classes, sanitise your hands and wipe down the equipment after each use.
  • Utilise the COVID Safe app on your mobile phone and ensure you bring your phone with to your appointment,

If you are still unsure about coming to one of the clinics, then we can provide  telehealth appointments to support and motivate you to continue with your individualised exercise program.

We’re here for you!

Get in touch with us and book your first visit.

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