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Professional Development

Advance your professional practice with our continuing education courses.

Advanced Neuro Rehab has been running professional development courses since 2004. Led by our Director, Associate Professor James McLoughlin we have shown a commitment to providing specific courses that aim to immediately enhance your clinical practice and improve outcomes for patients. Our courses have a fantastic reputation for providing a fun, informative sessions in a very supportive environment.

We continue to run these popular 2-day courses, but now have more options available! In 2022, we are excited to provide online courses, webinars and blogs through Advanced Neuro Education. This a site for health professionals that will focus on advancing clinical knowledge, skills, and support. We are planning a number of resources that will gradually become available in 2022 and 2023. If you would like to keep informed as new events, courses and blogs please visit us at

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Advanced Neuro Education

Balance & Motor Control

Assessment & management of the dizzy patient – Accredited Vestibular Course (2-days)

We make learning vestibular assessment easy & fun. In 2 days we will ensure you are confident in assessing people presenting to your clinic with dizziness. Our extensive experience ensures we prioritise the most common clinical presentations of dizziness and allow you to assess, treat and refer promptly. We will work with you directly until you successfully complete our key competencies to ensure you are accredited. Like all B&MC course we focus on making learning fun and interactive with plenty of clinical reasoning of course! This course covers;

What can cause dizziness?
What are the most common presentations in general practice?
Examination of the dizzy patient – assessed
Assessment & treatment of Benign Positional Vertigo – assessed
Principles of Vestibular Rehabilitation – assessed
The B&MC approach to clinical reasoning

Balance & Motor Control

Advanced clinical reasoning

Hugely popular! This is a 2-day clinical reasoning course that blends together the best bits of movement neuroscience, neuroplasticity, motor control theory, musculoskeletal, vestibular and neurorehabilitation knowledge - and applies it to human balance! We know that balance is fundamental to human motor behaviour and performance. This unique professional development course draws upon a diverse selection of information from neuroscientific and clinical evidence to provide very useful clues for any clinician working in any area of physical rehabilitation. James McLoughlin is passionate about providing practical information that is both relevant and entertaining.
This advanced clinical reasoning course allows participants to explore a deeper level of knowledge on balance and motor control to develop rehabilitation plans for complex cases in areas of vestibular & neurological rehabilitation. The course includes practical demonstrations, assessments & plenty++ of treatment ideas!
Balance & Motor Control


We are always looking to improve our courses. We spend a huge amount of time focusing on what is important to health professionals. We provide thought provoking information that aims to innovate your current practice, and give you confidence as an advanced practitioner.
“So many useful tips & tricks”
” I have never had neuroscience taught in such a way. It was so applicable to clinical practice!”
“Very comprehensive & interesting course. It helped me design treatment ideas for my current patients. Thank you!”
“It was so refreshing to have such a broad range of ideas and feel so comfortable discussing progression and problem solving.”
“Very interesting, clinically relevant, knowledgeable+++. Excellent referencing. Great teaching style and obviously passionate. Creates an easy forum for discussion Thank you so much.”
“A ‘breath of fresh air’! Great to have a course bringing so many aspects together and looking at clinically useful work & research. It will modify my practice and gave me lots to think about & research further. Really useful. Please come back to do more B&MC courses.”
“Interesting & helpful anecdotes (entertaining!) Thanks.”
“Thank you SO much – so many NEW ideas for practice. Clearly presented and definitely lots to think about in clinical practice, but also describing what we do as physios.”
“Application of principles to specific populations incredibly useful.”
“What a fantastic course! So useful for all practice areas.”


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