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Chronic Pain

Neurological Physiotherapy

Chronic Pain

When pain becomes persistent and chronic it can lead to maladaptive brain and immune responses. This may result in a cluster of other symptoms controlling temperature, blood supply and sweating. In addition altered movement behaviour and fear of movement can re-enforce certain postures, and reduce other movement options. Over months and years, persistent pain can become very draining! This can impact on so many other aspects of your life.  Secondary movement limitations lead to extra problems such as weakness, stiffness, anxiety and reduced independence.

Neurological Physiotherapy involves education, self-management and sensorimotor learning exercises to develop new strategies that aim to gain a greater repertoire of functional movement. As Neurological Physiotherapist we are very familiar with working with people with chronic pain, particularly with people who also have difficulties with movement. We can help you learn strategies and skills that explore new ways of moving which can help you to manage your pain. This allows you to have more movement options and makes you more adaptable. In addition, learning how movement links to your fear and previous beliefs about injury, and how this relates to your day to day life is really important. A gradual process of increasing activity, and managing expectations about what is safe, can help people become more confident. Having a consistent approach from all your health professionals and others in your support network, is very important, so we can liaise with your team.

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