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Concussion Rehab Clinic

Concussion Rehab Clinic

We have extensive experience in the assessment and rehabilitation of concussion injuries. If you are still experiencing symptoms 1-2 weeks following a concussion it is strongly recommended that you see a Neurological Physiotherapist with experience in concussion assessment and treatment.

Why is this so important?

Following concussion there are many factors that can be contributing to a delayed recovery that we can assess including:

  • Specific screening questions
  • Balance and coordination
  • Dizziness (Vestibular function)
  • Neck movement and pain (including whiplash injury)
  • Eye movements
  • Exercise tolerance testing

We work closely with other health professionals and can refer you to  Neuropsychologists for specific cognitive assessment, Optometrists and Orthoptists for assessment of vision and eye movements and Neurologists for comprehensive reviews if needed.

Our experience allows us to focus on a recovery pathway and provide support and advocacy to work with your family, GP, coaches, sports physiotherapists, teachers and employers to ensure an optimal rehabilitation plan. While awareness of concussion and assessments for concussion have certainly increased over recent times, many people are still left with confusion, anxiety and uncertainty about their future. This is where the team at ANR can help.

We work with both adults and children, and we are engaged in research and education into concussion rehabilitation. We also provide support to the medical team at the South Australian Cricket Association to ensure the best care for the elite male and female cricket squads.

For more information about concussion please watch our concussion videoscribe.

Baseline Concussion Testing
Advanced Neuro Rehab

Baseline concussion tests (BCT) are a combination of questions as well as a series of physical
tests that assess domains and functions that are often affected following a concussion.
Establishing a baseline in these domains, allows us to gather information about factors that
could lead to a prolonged recovery, identify and optimise areas that may be relevant to your
sport/work and to give us a comparator in the case you do sustain a concussion. The most
effective baseline tests are those that include many areas of function that can be interpreted
by health professionals with experience in brain injury & concussion.

These are some of the areas included in the ANR BCT program;

  • Medical/ Concussion History
  • Neck Assessment
  • Vestibular – Oculomotor Assessment (eye & head movements)
  • Reaction time & spatial awareness
  • Static, dynamic and dual task balance

Baseline testing also provides an opportunity for education and awareness about concussion management and best care from the experts. It’s best to be well informed when it come to brain health!


Can I have a BCT if I have already had a concussion?
Absolutely- as long as you’re not currently recovering from one. BCT are especially recommended if you do have a
history of concussion as you could have an increased risk of subsequent concussions or prolonged recovery.

How long does a BCT take?
We allow 1 hour to complete a comprehensive assessment as well as putting our data into a document you can
have for future reference.

Can I claim this assessment on my private health fund?
Depending on what extras cover you have, this assessment classifies as a specialised physiotherapy consultation so
you can call your private health and enquiry about cover for a PT582.

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