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Simon Michalski

Simon Michalski

Senior Physiotherapist

B. App Sc. (Physio)

Simon joined the Advanced Neuro Rehab team in 2020, he works with patients who present with a variety of conditions including balance and dizziness disorders, concussion, and neurological or movement disorders. Having graduated in 2011 from the University of South Australia, Simon has worked here in Adelaide, Victoria and also in London. With experience working in a variety of different teams and with a variety of different approaches Simon believes he can draw from this background to achieve the best possible outcomes for his patients at Advanced Neuro Rehab.
Living and working in London afforded Simon the opportunity to research and explore cutting edge management techniques in neurological and vestibular/dizziness rehabilitation. A strong focus on research has fostered a critical approach to the delivery of these novel techniques as well as tried and tested management approaches. Simon is able to marry this foundation of research and evidence with the individual goals and aspirations of his patients to deliver tailored rehabilitation programs. Simon believes a collaborative approach to management of neurological conditions, which includes the opinions of his patients is the most effective pathway to successful outcomes.
Simon currently works between the Advanced Neuro Rehab team two days a week and his role in the public health setting at the Lyell McEwin Hospital and Modbury Hospital. He remains interested in ongoing professional development and improvement in his clinical skills.
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