Christies Beach office now open

Physio- an essential service

As an essential service Advanced Neuro Rehab is still open for business. We are seeing one to one and home visit patients for physiotherapy appointments and taking all the required precautions to maximise safety for you, our staff and the wider community.

For those who prefer not to attend a face to face session, or are required to stay at home, we can offer a consultation over the computer or phone with our ‘Telehealth’ service. Previously we had only rarely used this for our rural and interstate patients, but this week it has taken off for obvious reasons! It is very easy, and our staff will be happy to explain how it works.

Within our teaching programs at ANR, we often refer to ‘neuroplasticity’ as an important process for relearning new movements. Neuroplasticity is a process of active learning that is often encouraged by forcing the brain to adapt to changes put in place through our movement coaching strategies. It requires the entire brain network to reorganize its priorities and work together to solve problems to create permanent and positive change. I have been inspired by how our patients and staff have also adapted to the challenges that we currently face. The ANR team has been ready to put patients and other staff’s priorities ahead of their own, by sharing responsibilities, working hard and looking out for each other. This week started with much negativity, but 5 days later, plenty of positivity is shining through. I would like to thank all ANR staff for their continuing efforts. Just like with neuroplasticity, I can see some permanent and positive changes in the many ways ANR helps the community. When this ends (and it WILL end!) we can look back and be proud of what we achieved as a team.

Please contact us if you have any questions about appointments, telehealth, home visits or anything else. We are here for support, advice and the occasional good (and bad) humour!

As the situation continues to change, we will be ready to adapt!

James McLoughlin

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