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Parkinson’s FIGHTBACK

24th September, 2018

Parkinson’s FIGHTBACK – is an exciting new supervised exercise program designed & lead by experienced Neurological Physiotherapists from Advanced Neuro Rehab.

Neurological physiotherapy
It is recommended that people with Parkinson’s, consult with an experienced neurological physiotherapist. Every day our Neurological Physiotherapists work with people with Parkinson’s who are motivated to maximise their potential and stay as healthy as possible. Our staff are highly trained and therefore well placed to incorporate your goals into specific, individualized exercise plans. Over the past 20 years we have gathered plenty of evidence that supports specific physical rehabilitation protocols for many neurological conditions and we want more people to access these programs. So it’s time to FIGHTBACK!

Focussed Exercise
The Parkinson’s FIGHTBACK program is an exercise program specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s. We assess all relevant issues that impact on an exercise plan such as fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, weakness, rigidity, incoordination, balance, dizziness, falls risk and fluctuations with timing of medications. Other concurrent medical conditions such as heart and lung conditions should also be carefully considered. Cognitive functions such as attention, spatial awareness and planning also very important when designing an effective exercise program. FIGHTBACK is tailor made to the individual with designated focused streams for balance & mobility, progressive strengthening and aerobic fitness. FIGHTBACK utilizes many evidenced based exercise interventions which allows us to be flexible to your needs while remaining meaningful and fun!

Research has shown some very exciting benefits of exercise for people with Parkinson’s. Engaging in fitness programs can help with managing symptoms, improving overall health as well as stimulating growth, repair and protection to the brain and central nervous system!  The key to FIGHTBACK is selecting the most appropriate fitness program for you based on this latest evidence.

The Parkinson’s FIGHTBACK program gives you choice and control over your exercises, through education and coaching. You will increase your physical activity and boost your confidence. You will have fun & be motivated by a great professional team plus socialise with a group of like-minded people. We are readily available to listen & support you in reaching your goals. We are in your corner to help you FIGHTBACK!

Parkinson’s FIGHTBACK will start in early 2020 at 23a King William Rd, Unley. To register your interest, please email

Assessments for the program are beginning in December 2019!

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