James McLoughlin NeuroPhysiotherapy is changing to ‘Advanced Neuro Rehab’

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James McLoughlin NeuroPhysiotherapy is changing to ‘Advanced Neuro Rehab’

21st October, 2017


James McLoughlin NeuroPhysiotherapy

is changing its name to

Advanced Neuro Rehab


Why the name change?

In 2006, following a 4-year stint of work and study in the UK, I begun consulting privately as a part-time sole therapist in Adelaide. Now, 12 years later, we have a fantastic team of 6 physiotherapists, all with a special interest and skills in neurological & vestibular rehabilitation. Our staff have developed advanced skills through additional post-graduate education, extensive professional development and experience over many years. We pride ourselves on providing the best care for our patients. Each one of our staff members have built an excellent reputation for high quality patient care and our new name recognises the importance of our entire team.

Advanced’ represents our commitment to specialisation and advanced practice within the area of Neurological Physiotherapy. Our clinic is unique in that it is has strong links with many key organisations. We provide education to other health professionals in the areas of neurological and vestibular rehabilitation through our direct links to university post-graduate qualifications and our own professional development courses. We are engaged in important collaborative research that aims to discover and inform best evidence based care for people with neurological and vestibular conditions. We have strong, long-term relationships with many health professionals across South Australia and we have built an excellent reputation as a clinical leader in our specialist field of practice.

Neuro’ represents our long-standing commitment to provide care and support to people with neurological and vestibular conditions. While other physiotherapists may claim to treat all conditions, we recognise the important difference of the Neurological Physiotherapist. Neurological Rehabilitation is what we do! Our staff keep up with latest evidence based treatments and teach it. Our experience means that we are more familiar with the many diverse signs and symptoms associated with both common and rare neurological and vestibular disorders. We understand the importance of a proactive and supportive approach to rehabilitation, where we provide only the very best service.

Rehab’ represents our commitment to comprehensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation. While our history is based on a passion for neurological physiotherapy, we have developed very strong links with many other important health professionals. We are now part of an alliance that can directly link to Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Neuropsychologists, all passionate health professionals who have worked closely with us for many years. Over that time, we have also built strong professional relationships with many General Practitioners, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Ear Nose & Throat specialists, Rehabilitation Physicians and many other medical specialists in South Australia. We have decades of experience in community rehabilitation, so we understand the vital importance of close communication, rapid referral and teamwork. We will continue to advocate strongly to improve independence and quality of life for people with neurological and vestibular conditions.


Associate Professor James McLoughlin

BAppsSc (Physio) MSc (Clinical Neuroscience) PhD

Director, Advanced Neuro Rehab


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