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21st December, 2019

2019 has a been a great year for Advanced Neuro Rehab (ANR). Many of our clients have had amazing results. We have helped to alleviate dizziness in countless clients, helped many recover from their concussion and return to work and sport, helped clients gain enough independence to leave residential care and return home. These are just some of the results we have had this year and helping clients reach their goals is what drives us to be the best neurological and vestibular physiotherapists we can.

In 2019 we were able to recruit some very talented physiotherapists who have quickly become very valuable members of our team. Jess Schmidt, Erin Caire and Rebecca Musik joined the team and have done an amazing job working through what has been a very busy year. All of our clinical and administrative staff have done an amazing job with  clinic appointments, home visits, in addition to the growing administrative work associated with requirements such as NDIS!

We are very excited to announce our new clinic at the Good Health Collective 23a King William Rd, Unley. These new rooms will provide an important expansion of our services to the other side of Adelaide and will help us initiate our new FIGHTBACK exercise groups. Our first FIGHTBACK groups will focus on people with Parkinson’s Disease, before then expanding into Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions. These enjoyable and engaging programs will enhance our ability to increase physical activity through specific strength, balance and aerobic fitness protocols designed by our neurological physiotherapists. Our Payneham Clinic remains, and we will continue to consult from our room at Hove. There is no doubt ANR continues to grow as a leader in Neurological and Vestibular Physiotherapy.

Congratulations to our Senior Physiotherapist Clara Fu, who married Ben Wilden in April. Clara and Ben have some exciting times ahead as they will welcome their first child next year and we wish them all the very best for their life together.

In 2019 we were sad to lose one of our Senior Physiotherapists, Jo Howie, who took up the offer on a new concussion/mild brain injury service at SA Health. We wish Jo all the best, knowing full well she will do an amazing job.

In August, our Senior Partner, Nicole Simmons attended the IBITA Annual General Meeting in Argentina, with an international training module on human locomotion. This was an amazing opportunity to learn and share information from some quality physiotherapists! Nicole is always happy to share her valuable knowledge with our enthusiastic team and staff have some important training sessions planned for 2020 that ensure that we continue working at the highest possible standards.

Nicole has been the physiotherapist for the Muscular Dystrophy Hydrotherapy Group for many years and following the unfortunate closure of MDASA has taken over the running of the program allowing the clients to continue to receive the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Senior ANR staff were also involved in the national Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) Conference. Eileen Ting presented her research looking into ‘HI-SPEED’ cycling for people with Parkinson’s and Nicole Simmons presented her work on mobility and community participation in people with Traumatic Brain Injury.  Jo Howie presented her research, conducted at ANR, on upper limb group therapy for stroke survivors. I was also involved all year as the Chair of the Scientific Committee organising what was a very successful neurology conference. Some of the clinical updates from our guest speakers on concussion, Parkinson’s, Functional Neurological Disorders and Motor Neuron Disease were a highlight.

ANR has also been actively involved in working and collaborating with local groups to help with education and support. Eileen spoke at the Parkinsons Wellness Day, to the Young Onset Parkinsons group and to the local Dystonia group about the important role of neurological physiotherapy for people with all types of dystonia. Liz Jemson-Ledger has also taken a lead role in developing our Advanced Concussion Rehab Program, and along with myself, met with the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) to discuss ways to support local cricketers with screening, assessing and managing concussion according to the best available evidence.

ANR ran a selection of professional development courses in 2019. I led a course on

Assessment & management of the dizzy patient – Accredited Vestibular Course (2-days) in Melbourne, followed by the Balance & Motor Control – Advanced Clinical Reasoning Course (2-days) in Perth. I am planning to run a small number of these popular professional development courses in 2020, including another course in the UK.

In July, we invited Dr Julia Treleaven from University of Queensland to lead a specialist course on Cervicogenic Dizziness & Headache – an integrated physical rehabilitation approach for concussion & brain injury. This was a great opportunity for staff from ANR and the SA Health Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit (BIRU) at Hampstead to work though some of the key issues around treatment for neck, headache and dizziness issues in the concussion, whiplash and brain injury populations.

This year I was invited speaker at the Insight Parkinson’s Conference in April where I presented on new developments for movement and exercise and neuroprotection in Parkinson’s Disease. In October I was invited as a keynote speaker at the Australian Orthotic and Prosthetics Association Conference in Melbourne where I spoke about motor control, gait and a framework for improved rehabilitation for walking and mobility. I also ran a few educational sessions for health professionals throughout the year with the APA on hemiplegic shoulders, vestibular rehabilitation and a Q & A session in Melbourne on Motor Control. I also had some regular appearances on ABC radio this year with Sonya Feldhoff on the ‘Afternoons’ program discussing issues such as Neuroplasticity, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine (twice!) and Dystonia. Thankfully they have invited me back for 2020 so it will be nice to discuss even more important topics!

Thank you to all our clients who have entrusted us with their rehabilitation journey, you have worked hard to achieve your goals. We will continue to work together so that you can be as physically active as possible and live your best life.

We wish all our ANR clients and professional colleagues in Adelaide, Australia and around the globe a safe and enjoyable festive season.


Associate Professor James McLoughlin

Director, Advanced Neuro Rehab