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21st December, 2019 ADVANCED NEURO REHAB –  2019 Review

2019 has a been a great year for Advanced Neuro Rehab (ANR). Many of our clients have had amazing results. We have helped to alleviate dizziness in countless clients, helped many recover from their concussion and return to work and sport, helped clients gain enough independence to leave residential care and return home. These are


Neurological Physiotherapist Position – An amazing career opportunity!

8th November, 2018 Neurological Physiotherapist Position – An amazing career opportunity!

Neurological Physiotherapist Advanced Neuro Rehab (ANR) has an exciting opportunity! ANR is a well-established neurological physiotherapy private practice whose vision is to provide client- centered physical rehabilitation to adults with neurological and vestibular conditions. We are looking for a Neurological Physiotherapist who is passionate about neurological rehabilitation and who shares our commitment to the best


Space & Vestibular Adaptation

24th September, 2018 Space & Vestibular Adaptation

We were very fortunate to have a special guest speaker at our latest professional development. Dr Gordon Cable is Clinical Associate Professor, School of Medicine, University of Adelaide & Chair, Space Life Sciences Committee. As senior medical aviation officer for the Australian Defence Force & specialist in aerospace medicine, Gordon plays an important role in


Parkinson’s FIGHTBACK

24th September, 2018

Parkinson’s FIGHTBACK – is an exciting new supervised exercise program designed & lead by experienced Neurological Physiotherapists from Advanced Neuro Rehab. Neurological physiotherapy It is recommended that people with Parkinson’s, consult with an experienced neurological physiotherapist. Every day our Neurological Physiotherapists work with people with Parkinson’s who are motivated to maximise their potential and stay



15th September, 2018 Congratulations!

Congratulations to 3 of our Senior Physiotherapists at Advanced Neuro Rehab. Nicole Simmons (Senior Lead Physiotherapist), Eileen Ting & Joanne Howie (Senior Physiotherapists) all recently completed their Masters in Clinical Rehabilitation (Neurological Physiotherapy) at Flinders University. This is a fantastic achievement as it involved 3+ years of extra study, clinical training and clinical research projects


Dizziness & Vertigo

9th September, 2018 Dizziness & Vertigo

Dizziness can be a scary experience.  Is there something serious that is causing it? Will it ever get better? How will I ever be able to function at work if it doesn’t improve? These are all extremely common thoughts for people that experience dizziness; but the good news is; dizziness can usually be explained and


Maximising recovery of your arm & hand after a stroke

3rd September, 2018 Maximising recovery of your arm & hand after a stroke

Maximising recovery of your arm & hand after a stroke It’s incredibly common for people to experience problems with their arm after suffering a stroke. Common things you may be experiencing include;  Pain – such as painful shoulder    Weakness, especially difficulty reaching up high or opening up the fingers, or difficulty with fine motor


Mobility, Fatigue & Multiple Sclerosis

28th May, 2018 Mobility, Fatigue & Multiple Sclerosis

Do you have trouble walking? Does your walking pattern deteriorate the further you walk? Do your legs become heavy, stiff and hard to lift, or do you have trouble balancing when standing or stepping? And is the whole process exhausting?   People diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) often report difficulties with mobility as the most


Getting Moving with Myotonic Dystrophy

24th March, 2018 Getting Moving with Myotonic Dystrophy

Myotonic Dystrophy (DM) is the most common type of Muscular Dystrophy affecting adults in a wide variety of ways.  Fatigue, muscle weakness, pain and difficulty with controlling movements can all be characteristic symptoms that those with DM may experience; so where do us Neurophysiotherapists fit into the picture? Well, On the 20th February, Eileen and


Balance & Motor Control courses – Questions & Answers

1st February, 2018 Balance & Motor Control courses – Questions & Answers

What is the B&MC course? B&MC is a clinical reasoning and theoretical course that aims to provide useful and entertaining information to anybody who works to retrain balance in any clinical population.   Why do you run this course? In my role as clinical teacher, clinician, and researcher over the past 15 years it has